Find & Fix it Friday: A Repurposed Picket

Tee-hee…check out what Sam and I pulled over for today!WahooI know it doesn’t look like much, but when I turned it over, I fell in love with the patina.

DSC_3480Yep, that is pure age there!  No sand paper required.

I could tell that despite the patina, the board was very sturdy and strong.  So, I decided to try and figure out some clever little project to do today.  Hmmmm, a search on Pinterest for a quick and easy DIY project brought me up short.  My solution was to start hunting in my drawer of hardware….and I am loving what I came up with.  Check it out!

DSC_3481First step was to remove the old nails.  A little bending and pounding on the point side of the nails set them loose, falling free onto the ground.  Easy.

DSC_3482Now for some cool hinges.

DSC_3488I attached them to the back of the board, and then flipped the whole thing over to attach some hooks.

DSC_3489DSC_3484DSC_3487Now for a little pizazz….or just some pragmatic labeling.

DSC_3495DSC_3493With some screws, a level, and a screwdriver, and…..viola!  I fixed up this cool discarded picket AND I solved the backpacks landing on the floor every weekday at 3pm.  Yesssss!

DSC_3498DSC_3496DSC_3497Look at those glorious backpacks….with a purpose and a place!  I guess that is one more thing that gets me closer to checking off one of my New Year’s resolutions: gettin’ organized!  Pretty cute, right?


Have an awesome Friday night!



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