Fence boards and table legs

As I shared with y’all on Monday, Sam and I had to coolest opportunity to help out a friend with a little interior design help.  Travis’ pad gave us the sweet chance to do some really fun diy projects.

As you probably know, I’m a mom of three crazy kids.  Not only do they keep me busy, but raising mi familia in this day n’ age requires a bit of thrift.  I became insanely fed up with the constant self-denial of buying the uber cute pieces of furniture and decor for my home.  Obviously, my thrift-store fetish helped relieve that frustration….but only to a point.  I quickly realized that more skills than treasure hunting would be needed to make my home a design magnet.  That’s when I discovered other cool women on the same quest, like Ana White, who is also a mother looking to be design savvy and thrifty.  You guys, this chick is rad….she is raising her family in Alaska and she creates gorgeous furniture.  The best part is that she draws up the plans for all of us to benefit from.  Gotta love a sharer 🙂

Well, when we wanted to supply Travis with a super cool coffee table on a budget, I decided to become my own Ana White.


In true Zest it Up fashion, Sam and I hit our garages looking for materials to source.  We found this cute end table that we had gotten for free from a friend….a little brainstorming and we were off…..


Our first choice was to salvage just the legs from this table.  They were the perfect height and we knew that they would give our coffee table a very polished look.  Then I went about measuring and studying the construction underneath this side table.  Since the legs were designed for this type of “apron” bottom, I figured that we might as well reconstruct it with our new table top.

IMG_5042But first, to make these legs smooth and ready to be painted fire-engine red for our firefighter buddy!  Primer first!

IMG_5043While those did their drying time, I moved onto our other thrifty idea.  Why not use some $3 fence boards to create our table top and apron bottom?  Who could beat spending six bucks on a table??

IMG_5047Another little tid bit about me, my great grandfather, grandpa Charlie, was an amazing architect and cntractor who built all sorts of gorgeous homes in the Hollywood hills.  So, with his voice running in my head, I made sure to “measure twice and cut once”.  Ahhh, I miss him.  I wanted to even name my son after him, but then I married a man with the last name “Brown”….that would be too cruel for the playground 🙁

Back to business……..

IMG_5048With my boards measured up and cut perfectly, it was time to work on the underneath construction.

IMG_5049Here is where I’m gonna ask you not to hate me…..we apparently didn’t get a great picture of this step completely fleshed out.  Basically, I measured some fence board to make half the frame and then I cute those in half lengthwise, thereby giving me all four pieces to make my apron.  Then I cut the ends at 45 degree angles and used smaller pieces to make the corners.  I finished it off by using little 1X1 pieces to attach to my “box shape” and then screwed them down into my table top.  Make sense?  Probably not….so look at this pic again and you will have a sense.

IMG_5035See how the corners have that shorter piece used to connect the larger boards?  That is exactly what I recreated and then just screwed my legs into my newly constructed table top.  It was really easy, especially since I had a tangible model right in front of me.

After sanding things down smooth and giving it a couple coats of spar varnish, we had a coffee table perfect for a bachelor pad.  The spar varnish will even keep rings from forming on the table everytime he puts a nice cold one down without a coaster 🙂  Gotta love that!

Whatcha’ think?  Pretty gorgeous, right?


Perhaps it’s not as stellar as some of Ana White’s projects, but we are pretty proud of her!

xo Chanda

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