Backyard Bliss!

On Saturday my mom’s side of the family gathered at my parent’s house in Ventura for our annual family reunion. My mom is the youngest of nine children – which means lots and lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins! My parents have always been quite the party hosts (must be where I get some of my zesty qualities ;)). Our backyard has turned into the ultimate spot for dinners, BBQ’s, celebrations and more! I wanted to show you a little peek at our family reunion and the setting that makes every Wagner party a party to remember 😉




My Dad, the most amazing handy-man I know, built this “bar” for our outside patio. There are six separate compartments to this handy set-up that can be used to store cold drinks, bottle-openers, mixers, napkins or whatever else you might need!



And of course he also built this cooler-case to keep in our backyard – he’s all about the decor!


And here is my mom with her eight brothers and sisters enjoying the backyard at the reunion – you don’t think they look related or anything, do you? 😉


And of course I was happy – I got to play mom for the night with baby cousins 🙂 perks of a big family!

Hope you’re inspired for your next backyard gathering!


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  1. Loved Annie Kate’s blog on the family reunion. Great pictures and write up. It was fun reliving the day. The house looked beautiful, the food was delicious and the family and relatives well what can I say they are exceptional.
    Aunt Maureen

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