Family Care Network’s Benefit for Kids

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This past weekend, Sam and I had the awesome privilege of helping out Family Care Network with their annual event, their Benefit for Kids.  We have just started really learning about the Family Care Network and all that they do within our community and Santa Barbara County.  We have been truly inspired the more we look at this organization.  Sam and I both have hearts for today’s youth.  Each of us have personally fed into the lives of middle schoolers and high schoolers through separate ministry endeavors.  Our focus has always been on relationship, because that is the most powerful tool in effecting change and growth in someone’s life (and invariably on our own lives).  I guess that is one of the most poignant things that FCN does, they create relationship through mentorships.  So, not only are they stirring the pot legally, financially and such…but they are effecting change in young people’s lives by drawing out the community into relationship.  We are SO onboard!

Since Family Care Network is doing such great things, we figured “Why not lend a hand for their big function?  After all, events are kinda our bag!”

Family Care Network's Benefit for Kids_0146

We were in no way part of the planning or orchestrating of this shindig.  Honestly, we are just getting to know Family Care Network.  So, we offered up our lifting, ice running, serving, and problem solving skills to help make the day run smooth for everyone.  Honestly, Sam and I just kept saying to each other how blown away we were about how well the event was formatted.  The perfect amount of casual, fun, and great food & wine!  It was a merry day indeed!  Perfect for finishing off the weekend 😉

Family Care Network's Benefit for Kids_0149Family Care Network's Benefit for Kids_0147Family Care Network's Benefit for Kids_0148

We are really excited to engage further with this amazing charity as we move forward.  It’s exciting to read about specific stories, but I just love knowing that there are great people “going to bat” for the kids in our community.

Bravo!  Our hats are off!!



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