Easy Leather Boho Mama Necklace

Thrifty Thursday:

It is no surprise that I love leather.  I mean, I really LOVE leather.  Especially when it comes to accessories. I guess I love that when it comes to accessories, it is A) easy to work with when it comes to the DIY factor and B) gives a touch of the unexpected to a wardrobe.  It is as if there is an immediate implication of a little bit of a “rocker” chick element that leather adds to any outfit.  It is exceptionally cool with a t-shirt and jeans, but it ramps up to haute couture status when it accents a truly flirty ensemble.  Point in case: imagine a flowy silk chiffon number that you embellish with a leather cuff.  Too cool.

With that said, I guess it is no wonder that I decided to give a little leather-edge to the traditional mama necklace.  Yes, a pendant made from birthstones or struck in gold can be gorgeous, but for my day to day “boasting that I am a mama” jewelry, I decided to go for something a tad bit more laid back.

Check it out!


Step numero uno: I cut a small rectangle of thick brown leather and poked a hole in the top with a awl.  I will use a jump ring through this hole for my pendant later, but first it is time to make this an actual mama necklace.


Using my little kit of metal letters, I stamped the first initial of each of my kiddos names.

Lindley, Conall and Evangeline.


Now time for that jump ring.  Using some needle-nose pliers, I pried it open enough to slip through the top hole in my thick leather pendant.


I am kind of in love with how it turned out!  Surprise, surprise….


Here is to being a proud mama!!




Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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