Easy DIY work out shirt

Seasonal Sunday:

SO here we are in February. I must ask all you peeps, how are those New Year resolutions working out? Ehm specifically working out? 

That good huh.

Well, just in case going to the gym is not happening or becoming a little mundane, we are here to Zest it Up!

Why not look cute and oh so trendy but thrifty with this project….


Got your tank top and sports bra?

We snagged ours brand new at the goodwill, still had the Target tags on them, score!


DIY_lululemon_hack_exercise_top_0003Grab your sewing kit and start to laying your bra inside the tank top. Now snip off the front straps just like in the photo


Thread your needle and get to sewing!! We did a simple whip stitch…


Now there are a few routes you can take. One is to sew straight across like in this pic. Then you can add a scrap of fabric tied around to cover the stitches for a fun accent.

DIY_lululemon_hack_exercise_top_0012See the grey bands I sewed around the tank to cover the stitches?


Time to move onto the back…snip the center racer back and attach to the bottom of your bra or the center depending on look and preference…


DIY_lululemon_hack_exercise_top_0007DIY_lululemon_hack_exercise_top_0008Time to sew it up again!


Chanda was busily sewing hers as well!


With a little cutting in the back to add some “sag” we were ready to rock it!!

Oh but wait. Blogging fail. Seriously, true confessions- my shirt was tight! Bahah! Tooooo tight for me to rock comfortably at the gym, oops! So I quickly ripped that stitch out and snagged another tank from my closet.



{don’t worry, just did the same steps but with a new tank}

DIY_lululemon_hack_exercise_top_0015A few quick cuts to show off the stripes a bit more…



And there you have it!!

Ready to get our sweat on now!!



BAHAHA. SO fierce when we work out (barefoot :))


Sam & Chanda

Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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