Earring and Jewelry Holder

Happy Sunday Zesters! Here is a project that is soooooo easy but yet so rewarding and cute, makes me kind of feel like I got an A on the exam and didn’t even study- you know that feeling? haha But I swear I didn’t cheat- this project was all about having those “potential glasses” on and seeing more than just a screen for the vent on the side of your house…in fact, tell me what you see??
So I picked up these vents for a few dollars each at my local Ace, thats right they came like this! Already assembled and stapled in,  screaming at me- don’t use me as a vent, make a jewelry holder!! Lets get this party started….

The pictures say it all, come on picasso’s- paint away! be inspired by your jewelry or even your home paint colors. Or heck- leave the natural wood and just spray some clear satin on the wood? I did all of the above! (made a few of these fun projects)

Time to pimp out your vent! Buttons? Lace? Ribbon? Sharpie? you tell me!

I want to hang necklaces as well, some lets add some basic teacup hooks into the bottom. (this vent will hang horizontal)

Add the proper hardware to hang, I did two of these to make sure the vent hung straight and had a great grip so my bling bling wouldn’t fall.   see….

Here are the other ones I made for fun….These ones (above) will hang vertical and be just for earrings.

Wasn’t that tooo easy?? This project would be great for a girls night, birthday party, christmas presents, you name it!

Thanks for Zestin up a house vent!


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