DIY Wooden Stump Towel Rack

Thrift Thursday

I love this project!  Probably because it mixes a little style with some good old-fashioned problem solving.

Here is my issue.  I literally picked up seven towels off of my boys’ floor.  What the heck??  How did that even happen?  Please tell me that I am not the only mom who gets frustrated by the towel issue.  Hmmmm, what to do?  Well, my solution was to switch over from towel racks to hooks.  I figured that it might be quick and easy enough to help the kids with a new habit….actually hanging up their towels after their shower. DIY_wood_stump_towel_rack_0231Supplies:

  • 1″-2″ thick wooden stump slices (free….thank you tree! Or you can pick them up at Micheal’s for very little $)
  • towel/coat hooks (I picked these up for about $4 each)
  • screws
  • drill

Start by screwing the hooks directly into the wooden stump slice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor installation, I simply used some long multi-purpose screws.  They felt really snug, but feel free to find a stud and/or use anchors for extra security.

DIY_wood_stump_towel_rack_0233Since I have three kiddos, I decided to do three hooks in a jagged design.  You could easily do these in a straight line, or be more abstract with their placement.  Regardless, they are adorable!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADIY_wood_stump_towel_rack_0235Yah!!  I love how they turned out!  Now, here’s to hoping that my kiddos will remember to hang those towels up after their showers.  Fingers crossed!



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