DIY Olive Oil Flavor Bombs

Thrifty Thursday

As we are in the winter months and finding it a bit more difficult to grow fresh herbs (oh hello frost?) here is a handy trick to have up your sleeve. Not only does this allow you to harvest and cook with “fresh” herbs but you also can make dinner prep speed up by having these easy little “flavor bombs” to zest up any meal. They are SO easy to make and store, plus you can make SO many different flavor combos based on your preference and meal.


Olive oil

Ice cube tray

Herbs (fresh or dry)


Start by choosing your favorite herbs and making yummy combos… Rosemary? Oregano? Mint? Basil?  Thyme? Sage? Or maybe some lemon zest? You really can’t go wrong!


Next give your herbs a rough chop so they are more bite size…


Simply fill the tray with olive oil and herb combos of your liking….

flavor-herb-olive-oil-bombs_0003flavor-herb-olive-oil-bombs_0005Next place the tray in the freezer and let them freeze overnight, pop them out as needed!!

Happy Zesting!



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