DIY maxi from an outdated skirt

Hiya, Chanda here with a super easy diy project that is perfect for the rising summer temperatures.

Yesterday was a blazing 102F and I just wanted to throw on something comfortable.  Fortunately, I had snagged this staple piece from a thrift store recently. DSC_2083It was all clean and ready for my summer wardrobe, but the flared shape and ankle-skimming length were just enough out-of-date that I knew I would never wear it.  So, I quickly busted out my sewing machine and pins.DSC_2087My first step was pinning the sides of the skirt into a narrower, more A-line silhouette.  Now, it was time to cut away the excess fabric and sew up my new, trendier, seams.DSC_2088Now, to address the length.  The skirt hit me just a bit too high on the ankles, so I scoured my trinket drawer and found this awesome lace trim.DSC_2084It was perfect!  Just adding a subtle 2 inches to the length…and it couldn’t be a simpler fix…just pin and sew.DSC_2089DSC_2090Ahhhhh, sooo comfortable!  I love a cute maxi!  Better than any pair of sweatpants!DSC_2109DSC_2113Quick, go check the closet….I bet you have a skirt lurking, just waiting for a quickie makeover!

Thanks for checkin’ in on what we have been zestin‘!


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