DIY Jewelry Organizer

Hey all! After moving back home for the summer, I am actually realizing how much stuff I have… jewelry especially!! So this of course called for a DIY project to fill my Sunday. After rummaging around the garage I found an old wall painting that use to hang in my room that would be perfect to revamp and potentially showcase some of my favorite pieces.



Next, I searched for old cabinet and dresser drawer knobs to attach to the metal painting to hang my accessories. After re-discovering some awesome weathered knobs and a tarnished horseshoe (that I absolutely insisted on adding for a hint of good luck :)), it was time to paint! I decided to spray paint the entire piece a matte black, but leave the detailing at the top as is to make a nice vintage-y contrast.



Because this piece is metal, my dad insisted on helping me drill through and pick out the appropriate screws and washers to properly attach the knobs, horseshoe, etc.


My dad is now officially a zester! 🙂

Unfortunately, the metal shavings made a few scuffs and scratches on the black paint… we learned the hard way! Tip: Drill first, then paint! 🙂



I was so thrilled with my final project!! Not only is it fun and funky, but functional! I just couldn’t wait to display my jewelry! AND the best part was everything I needed to make this was around the house!


  • Metal painting (can also use a frame and a piece of wood cut to the size of the frame)
  • Spray paint
  • Assorted antique hardware
  • Appropriate screws and nails
  • Screw driver
  • Drill

** If you are using the frame and wood you might also want to use some wood stain (optional) and mending braces



Enjoyed this DIY and I hope you zesters do too!

xx Brittany

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