DIY Vintage Cakestand

IMG_4048I know many of you are anxiously waiting for the big photo shoot reveal- which we promise will be coming soon! But in the mean time, wonder how we made that adorable cake stand? We shall show….

Start with a serving platter/tray and a candle stick

IMG_4049Next, we didn’t want this to be permanent but we did want the cake to be stable! So with that we knew it was time to bust out the museum wax- let me tell ya this stuff works great!! We placed it all around the top of the candle stick….

IMG_3937Next Chanda strung the dripping diamonds (remember these from our chandeliers from fireman’s ball??)

IMG_3939Almost done…

IMG_3964Voila! The perfect touch for this Southern Vintage inspired wedding cake. But let’s face it we can’t take any credit for the amazing cake- thanks Kathy Callahan for being involved in out photo shoot (and letting us use your amazing yard!)

IMG_3952By the way, did we mention that the inside of the cake is a peach ombre? Yep pretty gorgeous!

~The Zesty Girls

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