DIY Brick Bookends

Happy Sunday zesters! Today I have another fun DIY project for you all! Recently I have been really loving the blocked paint patterns on pieces of cement block or brick. It is a cool, modern way to spice up some bland, aged pieces. Something about the juxtaposition appears really fresh. I thought I’d try it out on the extra brick piled in our garage and make some bookends!



IMG_8115After testing the paint out on some of these bricks, I loved the white! Next, was the task of splitting a brick in half to create a two rugged pieces. And honestly, it was as simple as giving the middle of the brick a little love tap with a hammer and my brick split beautifully.


 After two coats of white paint on both bricks and a one hour dry period, my bookends were finished and ready to be utilized!


And there you have it! I’m excited to use them in my new house, but for now I’m letting my sister borrow them 🙂 And the great thing about this project is they could be used for so many things: fun paper weights, door stops and even for entertaining (putting hot plates on)! To make this project a little more modern and fun adding a few colors to the pattern, especially a few bright hues to really give it that juxtaposition!

Enjoy zesters, until next time!

xx Brittany





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