Crocheted Silver Wire Bracelet

Lol, I can now blog these cuties because the gifts have already been given and received!  Yay!

Every year, I try to take the time to hand make presents for all my kiddo’s teachers…they give so much of themselves: their time, their energy, their intellect, and their hearts.  What better way to honor that than giving my time and creativity!  This year, it was crocheted silver wire bracelets….the kids loved to give these because they got to choose the color of beads they thought their teachers would love the most.

DSC_0821I used a 22 gauge wire, silver plated.  It works beautifully with a 7/G hook….pliable enough, but doesn’t snap off easily in the middle of a stitch (SUPER important!)

DSC_0822The first step is bead selection.  For these bracelets, I chose to load on a total of four beads.  Now, make your slip knot and begin a crochet chain (don’t worry about holding the wire in the fancy way that is demonstrated with the yarn in the video…this ain’t yarn 🙂 and that is way too fussy for wire)

DSC_0825 DSC_0824 DSC_0826I began the bracelet with four chains, and then I pushed up one of my beads and worked it into the fifth chain.

DSC_0827Now, make four more chains and then repeat with another bead.

DSC_0828Don’t worry if your bracelet is twisty, in the end you will be able to smooth it out and make it look proper (remember, wire bends 🙂 ).

Once you have repeated 4 chains, one bead chain and 4 more chains until you have used up all 4 beads….it’s time to finish it off by cutting the wire and pulling it through your last stitch.  Time for fasteners!

DSC_0832Use your wire tail and begin wrapping it through the little circle of the fastener and the end loop of your bracelet.

DSC_0829Now, repeat on the other end with the other fastener.

DSC_0835Lookin’ good!

DSC_0836Now time to make more!  Gotta make sure the love is spread to all my kid’s teachers!

DSC_0837Phew!  Placed in a clear bag with a raffia tie, these turned out to be such darling Christmas presents. Hope you get a chance to try your hand at these…they are fun, unique and really pretty.

Merry Christmas!


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