Crate Garden Organizer

Sean surprised me this weekend with a treasure….crates!  He literally came home with a truck bed filled with six crates.  I was in heaven!  I think it is his way to say I totally support you and what you are doing.  I think it’s a new “love language.”  How awesome is that?!  The best part is that just two weeks ago he came home with a bouquet of peacock feathers that he saved from the trash (ok, sounds maybe a tad gross, but he was at a house that had peacocks for pets.  The feathers were gorgeous, super tall, and in perfect condition).  I love that my husband is turning into a Zester!!

Check out my first crate project: mission get the hose off the ground of my patio!

DSC_1927DSC_1928Just wait for some color!


DSC_1930Turquoise and olive to start.

DSC_1931How about some brick red!

DSC_1932And a touch of grey.

DSC_1933Super cute, right?  Now to install it….wood screws please.

DSC_1936I decided to just rummage through the garage for some hardware to use.

DSC_1938Firstly, the hose was my biggest issue, so I grabbed an over-the-door hanger.


Nice, now for some hooks.

DSC_1939I love having everything in one place….and who can resist a crazy cute crate for organizing life?!

DSC_1947DSC_1954First patio project done!  Thanks for checking in on what we have been Zestin’!


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