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Thrifty Thursday

Disclaimer, my birthday was a awhile ago. Guys I am talking like last November- gulp. But a few weeks ago I finally got around to enjoying an amazing gift my dear friend Sam got me (us sam’s like to make friends named sam). She sent me $50.00 to Club W. What’s Club W you ask? I said the same thing and then my world was rocked. This is a wine club that does a great job in connecting you with stellar local wineries that you can’t find at the grocery store. They take it even a step further and give you more than any wine label on the bottle could give you. From recipe cards to what the wine percentages are and how to pair. (insert big excited eyes!)


Yep don’t try to use my code, been there done that


OOOoooo A formal invite, so classy

club_W_0382So why is is thrifty you ask?

See those four bottles of wine? It cost me $52! What a great gift idea!! One of the best parts was when you go to claim your gift you take a wine palette test so they can see what you prefer drinking and make suggestions, too great!


Confession: I only picked out bottles that I liked the art. Bah!


And now for those cool info cards that have a recipe on the back for cooking with the wine- holler!



It’s truly a great concept and package, definitely check it out!!


oh I think it’s about time to wine down….



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