Chanda’s Surprise Salsa Fiesta

What’s Up Wednesday

A few weeks back (okay okay over a month back) we celebrated Chanda’s big 4-0! (I know she doesn’t look a day over 20, work it girrrrrl) When her hubby texted me weeks prior to the big celebration we both came into agreement that we needed something epic since after all this girl is always planning epic parties for everyone else. If you know Chanda you know that girl loves her jalapeono heat, salsa music plus friends and family. So we thought why not combine them all for the ultimate salsa inspired surprise party!! Now if you know me, I can’t lie. Yep I guess it’s a good problem to have, but all I could do was tell Chanda to go away when I was texting with her hubby and tell her to show up at my house wearing a dress for a “bday dinner.” Hahahah she knew better than to badger me with questions and was a good obedient birthday girl. So with no further ado, want to see the bash??

Every great party starts with decor- so off to the dollar store I went to buy salsa cans to plant succulents and put votive candles in…

candle in succulent holder_0000

Oh did I mention this was the first party in our new Nason Ranch barn? Yepppp- legit. We strung flags and were ready for a par-tay!

chanda's birthday party_0011

chanda's birthday party_0012chanda's birthday party_0013chanda's birthday party_0014

Our amazing intern Danielle made these awesome signs for the party- thanks chica!!

chanda's birthday party_0010

We had our very own zesty taco truck for peeps to chow down…

chanda's birthday party_0009chanda's birthday party_0008chanda's birthday party_0007

My mom came into town to help zest, she made a delicious gluten free churro Birthday cake and cupcakes- yummy!!!

chanda's birthday party_0000

chanda's birthday party_0001

Sean brought some epic photos of Chanda through the years and we all loved seeing her grow and hear stories of their wedding and raising the kiddos!

chanda's birthday party_0002

chanda's birthday party_0004chanda's birthday party_0005chanda's birthday party_0006

We all enjoyed eating al fresco, but shortly after we hit the dance floor for some salsa lessons!! YES!

chanda's birthday party_0003

We love you panda!!



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