Central Coast Bridal Expo

The day’s activities began the day before, in our beautiful commercial kitchen!  We were so excited to be cooking in our new commissary for the first time…like kids in a candy store, that’s-alls-I-gots-to-say!

Sam and I were busy busting out 1000 phyllo dough tartlets and filling them with brie to be topped with a Merlot-cranberry sauce laced with lavender on the day-of, while Julianne was busy making decadent salted-caramel cheesecakes for our raffle prizes.  Yum!  The kitchen was smelling awesome and it took basically all my will power to not attack Julianne’s handiwork with a fork 🙂 !

Now, on to the actual Madonna Expo Center.  We had a lot to move and Sam was a superhero…she drove her truck with a 17 foot trailer attached.  We had a ton of laughs trying to avoid reverse at all costs.  Tee-hee, there was even a moment when Sam’s father-in-law came to the rescue…he was amazingly happy to help despite being barefooted and fresh out of bed (did I mention it was 11pm??).  We were so blessed with the friends and family who helped us pull this off!  From loading, unloading, serving, babysitting, cleaning, to even substituting for Sunday school class.  You guys are AWESOME!!! Thanks for helping us grow our baby!  Muah!

Btw, don’t you love it when you plan for things and then you have to pull the Keanu Reeves move from the Matrix?  Yoozers!  We were constantly “rolling with the punches.”  Example: we had made a an entire design based on having side crossbars to drape and hang pictures from.  Uh-oh….whelp, we decided to haul in as much of the stuff that we could, and then head to Home Depot for supplies…it was time to build some 8’X8′ frames….stat.

Mission accomplished!  All in all, not a bad fix.  Sam and I had fun figuring out how to build these at 11:30pm without getting a noise complaint.  Thankfully, we had had Home Depot do some of the cutting…so we opted to just drill together the bulk of it and then leave off the electric saw work til the AM…and it worked (didn’t wake a soul 🙂 )

Enough jabbering!  Check out the pics!

Funny story HERE! Halfway through the event, I smelled something burning. I did a quick check of all our lights, fearing the drapes were going up in smoke. A few seconds later, Sam turned to see our hydrangeas were aflame. Leave it to a firefighter’s wife to find the source. We had a good laugh…and then promptly moved the candle 🙂

Here is where we did some more Keanu moves…we didn’t realize that we couldn’t have solid walls out for the full 8’…so we created a “window” with a beautiful flowing drape. In the end, we liked it way better.

Oh, yes…and the raffle. We raffled off a prize every hour. We had pedestals with our Merlot-cranberry jam and brie, homemade cheesecakes on pedestals, a date night basket with wine, chocolate, The Wedding Planner, and the Mr. and Mrs. glasses. We also gave away a chicken wire frame for table seating displays or photos along with a certificate for a custom ring bearers pillow by us truly.

People were raving about our phyllo tartlets filled with brie and Merlot-cranberry jam. Scrumptious AND pretty! With a hint of lavender and a kick of pepper.

Sam did an amazing job pulling together a beautiful slide show of all our work. It was such a wonderful touch…and nice and high so everyone could see (despite all the people crowding in our booth).

We did it!  And we survived.  The day was a huge success with so many connections made, tastings scheduled and design meetings on the horizon.  Yay!  We are so excited for all that is to come in this new year!

Now on to the tear down…we were so tired and goofy after such a long 48 hours…perfect recipe for a goofy photo-op of me tearing down the last of the 8′ frames (so Sam’s garage would have some room for a car….maybe…har-har)

Thanks for tuning in to see how the big day went…and thanks to all the beautiful brides whom we had the pleasure of meeting!  It was so much fun!


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    1. Thanks! I love it when the unplanned works out for the better…definitely a large part of my personality…going with the flow. Kind of a mom-trait, right? ~Chanda

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