Celebrate with festive flags

I absolutely LOVE this project because it helped me solve a drab problem.  It was time to celebrate, but the trees were still Winter-bare.  I couldn’t stand the look of twigs against the blue, Spring sky.  However, it was nothing that a quick trip to the thrift store couldn’t solve.  After a bin dive through curtains and sheets, Sam and I found some shades and fabrics that would do the trick.  After the fabric had a run in my washing machine, it was time to cozy up on the floor with Ash (my Bordercollie), and start tearing.

DSC_1543I guess I’m a “go big, or go home” type of girl…so, it wasn’t until 100 flags later that I knew I could stop. Yep, I’m a glutton for punishment.

DSC_1547Now….time to string!

DSC_1552DSC_1549To keep things simple, I strung only 10 flags on each cotton string.  If you decide to give this project a shot, you have got to get your hand on some cardboard to wrap your strings around…it will make storage, travel, and hanging a cinch.

DSC_1556Hopefully when you go to make and hang these festive flags, it won’t include a 20 foot ladder (do you know how heavy and awkward those can be when you are carrying them by yourself?!).

So, what do you think?  Festive?

DSC_1562And I love how we used the flag hues to tie in with the flowers we chose!


DSC_1563DSC_1564Thanks for stopping by!


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