Bowl’d: Acai bowls in downtown San Luis Obispo


There are a few things that would make my foodie self happy in SLO…In & Out, somewhere with a great CA burrito and more acai bowl places to name a few. Well we are in luck because one of those requests was answered!!! Hallelujah! I love me some Sally Loo’s acai bowls, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes Sally’s is just so darn busy and not on my trek downtown. So with this all in mind let me introduce Bowl’d. Now there are a few acai places that claim to have delicious bowls, but it’s more than some fresh fruit and acai- it’s all about that granola too!! I am happy to say that Bowl’d met out expectation in flavor, variety and granola-YUM.

acai bowl bowl

acai bowl bowl

It’s pretty darn cute inside too- love me some ambiance.acai bowl bowlacai bowl bowlacai bowl bowlacai bowl bowlacai bowl bowlacai bowl bowlYou ready for this acai action?acai bowl bowlacai bowl bowl

Sam ordered up the goji berry…acai bowl bowl

Chanda got her chocolate on…acai bowl bowl

Anya rocked the Paradise bowl…acai bowl bowl

While Leanna nibbled on a classic SLO bowl…acai bowl bowl

Needless to say we will definitely be having some lunch dates and client meetings here!!



Photo Credit to: Anya McInroy

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