Banana Bread Truffles

OK so remember my post awhile back about chocolatey banana bread heaven? You ready for another trip down that lane??? I saw this idea on pinterest- surprise surprise-hah. I couldn’t help but give it a try, it’s a combo of my banana bread chocolate and cake pops- but served more like truffles due to no stick (less assemble and prep time- score!) Billy and his mom could not stop eating these- warning, they are extremely addictive!!!




  • 1 loaf banana bread (you can use my recipe here, just don’t add chocolate chips unless you want it to be EXTRA sweet)
  • 6 oz cream cheese
  • 10 oz milk chocolate


  1. First crumble and mash up your banana bread in a large bowl, then add cream cheese and smash all together.
  2. next start to take bit size clumps and smash together in hands, then roll a ball. place balls on wax paper on cookie sheet. roll all your balls up! (should make between 40 tot 60 balls depending on size)
  3. next let sit in fridge- I let sit overnight but if you don’t have that time let sit for about 30 mins
  4. Melt your chocolate (in a double broiler or in microwave stirring often). Next it the extra messy part, I would suggest using two forks to pick up the balls and dunk in chocolate, then you can allow excess chocolate to drip off. then place back on wax paper.
  5. let the balls sit and form at room temperature, cooling and forming. you can eat when hardened and refrigerate for up to 3 to 4 days.


These truffles would be great as a dessert, brunch, or even a fun gift all wrapped up!


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