A Thankful Day

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is no better occasion than today to say thank you to all of you wonderful people who have invested in our dream. I am constantly humbled to think of how far God has brought us and that we could not have done it without you. All those hours you spent helping us clean up, the encouraging emails and comments on blogs, the surprise late night Starbucks runs, the brainstorming sessions, the simple but sincere way you said “you can do it!,” and above all, the prayers, are what have made a reality out of our dream. Believe me when I say that YOU do not go unappreciated.

A very special thank you to Billy and Sean for supporting us, lifting heavy things, being our photographers and tech support and putting up with incredibly packed garages and lots of late nights.

Our families have been awesome. From babysitting to flower arranging to making the recipes we post, you truly have blown us away with your support and love. Thinking of each of you individually and how you have uniquely motivated and encouraged us is once again a humbling reminder of the truth that the Lord does provide more than we can imagine.

We have some remarkable friends, too. Want to meet them?

(I know, they are also very good looking). How could we thank this group enough? We could not cater a thing without the help of our incredible server/bartender, Jessie (she’s also really good at giving advice), or Ross and Nicole who are always willing to step in and serve. Megan is as good as better than gold when it comes to just about anything event-related—talk about a girl who can work under pressure! Clayton, Sammy, Kate, Daniel and Courtney are all astounding in their willingness to be a part of our events, even if it means carefully dismantling four foot tall chandeliers at midnight.


We have Meredith, who has never ceased to surprise us with awesome connections and fun events, and Sarah, our benevolent CPA. It will always amaze me that someone WANTS to help us with Quickbooks and taxes—now there is a true friend.

And you! Thank you for reading our blog. It may not seem like much to you, but you can’t believe how excited we get when you tell us that you’ve made our project or tried our recipe. That’s why we do what we do, you know. We love to have you along for the ride. We love to share. We LOVE to hear what you are up to with your projects and in your life; you inspire us every day. Community is a huge part of each of our lives and we cannot thank you enough for being part of ours.

We pray that you have an incredible Thanksgiving, full of family, friends and (of course) food. Thanks for tuning in, may God bless you richly.


~Chanda, Julianne and Samantha 


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