A Sombrero Cake for a Cinco de Mayo Birthday Bash!

Yesterday we had the awesome privilege of catering my friend Tim’s 50th B-Day….50 on 5/5 has just got to be celebrated.  And celebrate we did!  However, one of the coolest things we did was fulfill the wish for a sombrero birthday cake.  Say what?!  Oh, yes…a super cool fiesta of a cake.  So, Sam and I put our noggins together and came up with a game plan….enter our super delicious recipe for velvet cake and our large wedding cake pan.DSC_1974With a little carving after baking, the hat brim was a cinch….but what to do for the crown of the hat???  It just so happens that our 4 cup Pyrex was the perfect height and circumference.DSC_1975After slicing around our large cake at an angle to create more of a brim feel, it was time to slather on our delicious cream cheese frosting!photo-49Since Tim is a fresh fruit nut, we decided to completely bypass any extra frosting ornamentation and opt for fresh fruit.  Super pretty, festive and muy deliciosa!photo-46For the rest of the menu, we rocked a ton of fish to make the birthday boy happy….cuz he’s a total angler!  Fresh fish from Morro Bay….who could resist!photo-42photo-43photo-47photo-44photo-45photo-52photo-31Oh, and I forgot the fresh strawberry and basil margaritas!!  Cinco de Mayo–ZESTED!  Happy birthday, Tim!!  It was an awesome night!photo-53~Chanda

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