A Princess Party

My little cousin just turned 5 years old….so we had to celebrate!  And when I say celebrate, I mean princess, pink, bling!!!photo-9photo-1


photo-5I stacked silver platters, because no princess should be without a grand table 🙂

photo-3photo-4photo-2And maybe you recognize those handmade fabric peonies…so romantic and lush!  And to solve my shortage of petite vases, I grabbed some pilsner glasses from the cupboard and wrapped them in some lace.  Problemo solved!

photo-10And a princess would be nothing without a throne!

photo-8photo-7And when going this far, you have got to include the crown.

photo-6Gorgeous, right?  The best part was Jasmine’s reaction.  She was so blown away.  She kept asking, “Chanda did this just for me?”  And then she went around and touched everything with just the tips of her fingers, like she was the most delicate of princesses.

5th Birthday…..ZESTED!  Hahaha, so much fun!!!


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