A DIY Firewood Holder

As we inch closer and closer to Christmas and it begins to feel more like winter I can’t help but get SUPER excited to make more fires. Okay that may have sounded super pyro- don’t worry, remember my hubby is a fireman? Tee hee. I mean who doesn’t love the smell, sound, and warmth that a fire brings to the home?? Sign me up!!! The only part I hate about making a fire is the part where you have to tip toe out to the cold crisp air to grab some more wood from the pile. I wanted to create a little carrier to make that task a little easier and more efficient- so here is what I came up with. Of course it had to be cute too!


Durable fabric/canvas

Two branches about 2″ thick and a foot long




First cut your fabric into a rectangle with two flaps on each side to create the handles of the carrier. You want to make sure you cut straps out that are long enough to wrap around the branch. Then do a quick stitch with needle and thread to secure the branch to the fabric, creating a little hammock.


See, it’s like a wood hammock!


Now it’s super easy to fill my bundle and it folds up nicely to store by the fireplace, score!


Now time to cozy up by the fire!!



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