A commissary kind of weekend

Hey y’all, sorry for no post on Saturday….we were busy crankin’ in our commissary (aka commercial kitchen….2legit!).  It’s officially the Christmas season, I have started playing Pandora Christmas stations, the outside Christmas lights are up, the kids are excited and the halls are in the midst of being decked!  I loooove this time of year, and Zest it Up is ready to rock the season!

Step One = TUNES

Now, cookies anyone??

We busted out the Kitchen Aid to aid us in fashioning a killer cookie recipe for the Christmas Boutique at Edna Valley this week!  How Christmas-y a combo: cranberries, white chocolate and pistachios….YUM!

Sam was busy plunking divine morsels of cookie dough down on huge cookie sheets for the convection oven….have we told you how much we love our commissary??

And out they come as simple perfection!

These beauties will be wrapped up and packaged, STAT, in the uber cute Zest it Up fashion!  Here is a hint….

But imagine  red CD envelopes with super cheery Zest it Up labels….we will post a completed pic after the Boutique!  Speaking of the Boutique….check out what Juli brought for our chocolates and truffles!

Ridiculous, right?  She told y’all she worked for Willy Wonka, wink-wink!  BTW, this looked like a great upper body work-out 🙂

Oh, and there was dark chocolate, too…..

I wish you could have been there to see our super crafty Juli turn these slabs into decadent beauties.  The artiste at work…

A nice sneak peek, right?  Now imagine cappuccino, traditional dark and cinnamon pecan truffles.  And these beauties?  S’mores chocolates…geeze, so impressive.  And for the true Zest it Up touch for packaging?  Another sneak peek:

Oh, and did I mention that besides the delicacies we were prepping for the Boutique, we were busting out homemade crusts for 200 mini pies for an upcoming wedding?  Ohhhh yessssss!

Definitely less messy than my last run-in with paper mache, but wow, we were super flour-coated!  Too much fun!

Thank you, Lord, for restaurant caliber kitchen gadgets!

And, the super “less” professional gadgets that one scrounges up in a kitchen!

Yay for freezing pie crusts!  These are going to make the cutest mini pies around!  Oh, and the most scrumptious, tee-hee.

Whelp, all in a day’s work at Zest it Up!  Here’s to working hard, laughing harder, and doing what you were born for!


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