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Congratulations Zesters! You’ve made it to mid-week 🙂

I’m finally starting to feel the effects of summer – especially with these crazy long days where the moon doesn’t peak out until 8 o’clock. More hours in the day?! That means its time to get outside, break out the supplies, and start working on all those projects I’ve been “getting around to” the last 9 months of the year…


So, my boyfriend, Mike, found this fantastic mailbox burried in the weeds by the side of my old house. I immediately knew I wanted to make something out of it. A planter? A birdhouse? A toilet paper dispenser? I couldn’t decide. Months went by with no creation, until I finally my lease was up and I moved from the house. Faithful Mikey recovered the mailbox (for the second time) and insisted that I finally make something from it. Thanks to his help, and his powertools, we came up with an awesomely functional key rack/mail carrier that is perfect for any family or house full of roomies! Also a plus: we didn’t spend a single cent on the entire project. Make do with the materials you have!

First we started by cleaning out the cobwebs and pounding out the kinks in this poor abondoned mailbox. The base of the box was covered in wood from when it had once been mounted, so we unscrewed the wood and freed it of its termites!


Unscrewing the wooden base

20130625_193142 20130625_193138

Hammering out all the dents!

Now, it just so happened the the holes used to drill the box to the wood were perfect for our little key hooks! The hooks are vey basic (we found them lying around the garage) but it wouldn’t cost you more than a few bucks to go pick some up. We bent them around a little to get a good fit, and slipped them right into the old screw holes. So far, we have only used a hammer, some pliers, and a flathead screwdriver… Even I can do that!


Bending the hook for a better fit


We’re hooked!

How are we going to mount this thing on the wall? I took a level and measured out two evenly spaced points where we would drill into. Afterthought: I would recommend placing the holes apart the same width of studs in the wall for better bracing. Nevertheless, its nothing some drywall screws can’t handle!


Measure it out…


A quick drill through…

Next up, you’ll need two screws, two washers, two nuts, and two four to five inch pieces of steel wire. Keep in mind, there are a ton of different ways you could mount this depending on the supplies you have and where you want to put it. This isn’t the only way, so get creative with it!

20130625_200128 20130625_200600

Mounting supplies: check and check

Place the washer and screw through the hole, then loop your steel wire around the screw and twist. (See the picture below for a better idea of what I’m talking about). Ironically, Mike has this cool wire twisting tool that he uses to work on his dirtbikes. I’m pretty sure this is the only other time he has gotten some use out of it… You could easily do this by hand, we just wanted to show off a little bit for ya 🙂


On goes the screw and washer20130625_201704

Twist it good!

Go ahead and tighten up the nut to secure the wire and screw. Make sure the wire is under the washer when you tighten it!


Tighten’ it up

Snip the excess wire off, but leave a little bit to bend back around the washer and screw for extra security.


snip snip

There you have it! A zested old mailbox that is put back into good use. Home decor, with a purpose… You gotta love it!


20130625_20330020130625_203256 20130625_203248

You’ve got mail 😉


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