60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary

My grandparents are precious, they both are such an amazing inspiration of true love and devotion- and as a family we decided that was something that needed some celebrating! Especially after 60 YEARS together!!!! Now let me just start of by saying that it is very hard to find “60th anniversary” decor. You can’t just show up at your local party store to buy “60th anniversary” napkins or banners- they have 30th, 40th, and some even 50th- but 60, now thats rare! I think it just goes to show how special my grandparents are and I hope that you and any loved ones get to celebrate this special day as well, and if so this post will come in even more handy 🙂 So whats the theme you ask? Well traditionally 1 year of marriage is gold, 3 years is pearl, 12 years is Jade- you see where I am going with this? 60 YEARS OF MARRIAGE IS THE “DIAMOND JUBILEE”- lets work it diamonds….

What could scream diamonds better than Tiffany Blue?? Then we did black and white accents to keep it classy….

My family and I had a lot of fun going through older pictures of the happy couple, couldn’t resist but to make a collage.

Filled long cylinder vases with diamonds and pebbles at the base, then as you can see in the picture used florist tape to create a vertical flower arrangement.

Had more pictures out for family to enjoy, the picture to the right by the classic car is when they got engaged- then we have wedding to the left 🙂

Made this banner from thick ribbon, felt, and puffy paint- definitely added the sparkle we needed.

My mom is quite the cook, well in this case baker- she made a strawberries and cream layered wedding cake that was AMAZING- the whole thing was eaten!

That’s right! Thanks to my awesome cousins, they can rock their “together since 1952” shirts.

Hope you enjoyed watching me zest this party 🙂


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