4 Deer Ranch

Whats up Wednesday

We are so excited to share some snaps we took during our latest walk-thru.  Sam and I were like a couple of kids, geeking out over all the thoughtful design touches we saw LITERALLY everywhere I eyes looked!  This place is AH.mazing!


Starting with the ideal barn, can you believe they even have this gypsy caravan?  Oh boy did I want to wheel this over to my pad for a mommy retreat…STAT!



Back to that ideal barn.  I love the huge built-in banquet tables and lighting.


The grounds are abounding in character and beauty.  The metal artwork is charming and kitschy out in the open and then takes a turn toward elegant touches in the celebration spaces.  From a bride Tyrannosaurus to hand crafted lights, the metalwork is just awesome!


The views are completely 360 degrees!


The details of each building are so intricate and thoughtful.  I adore how each surface has been expertly weathered with the perfect patina.



I could hardly believe how massive this communal table was when we walked up.  We are so excited that our bride is using this in her seating arrangement.  I cannot wait to see it once they apply Teak Oil.  Gorgeous!!



This massive outdoor kitchen area is going to make such a beautiful bar.  A bar with a view, not bad!


They have surrounded the house with a myriad of these rain chains.  So special!


One of my favorite touches?  This awesome memory wall of all the beautiful couples who have tied the knot on this gorgeous property.  Such an amazing way to appreciate the special moments that have happened here!


I would even be happy here just relishing an evening of campfires and vino with friends.



My ultimate favorite?  The amazing fields of white irises.  The ranch being over 100 years old, it was pretty neat to hear about the little old lady who remembers her mother planting the first one!  So sweet!!


I just had to do a little Google search for some of the celebrations here.  If you want to see some pictures of this place in action, check out here and below.




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