boyfriend jeans are not just for your boyfriend


Every girl, boyfriend or no boyfriend, has to be loving the boyfriend jean trend! Not only is it a nod to the grungy 90′s days of Kurt Cobain, but it is the absolute comfiest way to look hip for any body type and for any occasion!  Since the trend started popping up last summer it has been taking both casual day time looks and funky night time looks by storm. And the best part is, there is no sign of it fading away as we roll into this spring/summer season.

All types of jean washes in this style are extremely versatile! As I mentioned in last weeks post I am a bit of a sucker for this baggy, disheveled pant trend. One of the best parts about it, is that you can visit your local Goodwill and DIY it! Razoring them to get that messy look or patching them up with some old flannel scraps… you can’t really go wrong! I must admit, I have a bit of a collection going! It is just too much fun to play with all the outfit possibilities! I personally love the light washed baggy boyfriends with some sneakers or gladiator sandals with a cute button down to run around during the day from errand to errand (my outfit today, haha!) or for a fun happy hour outfit, black Levi’s (my score from Goodwill!) with a pair of strappy, sandal heels with a crop top and funky statement necklace!


My collection!


One of my favorite outfits! What Goes Around jeans, Forever 21 sunglasses and tank, and Sixty Seven heeled boots


Still unsure how to rock this trend and need more inspo?… Some of my favorite looks that can be caught on the fashion forward celebs and fashion bloggers on Pinterest.

xx Brittany

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MMMMMMmmmmmonday: Earth Day Food & Wine Festival

Amongst a busy week and weekend of events, Chanda and I had the opportunity to visit with family and friends who were in town! Chanda enjoyed doing some wedding planning with her sister and exploring slo while I attended the Earth Day Food and Wine Festival- wow was it yummy!! I couldn’t help but show you some of the delicious bites for today’s MMMmmmmonday!! The festival happens every April and rotates venues every three years. This year Castoro Cellars hosted. It took place in a meadow that was embracing the rustic earth/farming theme and perfectly situated under some gorgeous sycamore canopies. IMG_0097IMG_0107IMG_0084IMG_0058I loved that the space had seating, music, and shade!! All making for a comfortable and laid back summer vibe. Now onto the food….

IMG_0061Have you ever seen a quinoa plant before?? Gorgeous! See how they used them in the lettuce wraps below-yum!

IMG_0062IMG_0063IMG_0072Yummy avocado halves stuffed with fresh ceviche!

IMG_0065Delicious Olive Oil that you can buy at Dusi winery:)

IMG_0057It’s always a party with the ice cream truck!!

IMG_0078I loved sipping on the fresh squeezed juice by Julia’s Juice- she sells at many local Farmer’s markets.

IMG_0059Check out the local bees over at TheraBee! bZzzzZZ

IMG_0103And sweeten up with some AMAZING gelato- such fun flavors…..I think tera was excited!!

IMG_0105IMG_0080IMG_0068I love these Limes!!! Such a great tangy crunch!!

IMG_0085And let’s not forget the legit paella made on site! Yummm!

Now for some professional pics snagged of the day from the Festival’s gallery here!


All in all- you definitely should snag your tickets for next year’s festival!! They go on sale Tuesday Dec 2nd so mark your calendars!! You will be sure to be all smiles like us…

IMG_0090IMG_0096IMG_0095IMG_0071IMG_0076Oh did I mention there was a legit bird too!! tee hee:)





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Savouring Saturday: Mussels!

This week was gloriously sunny, here on the Central Coast.  It felt like day after day of sunny summer days….and I’m not complaining!  It is always great having a bit of sunshine to brighten things up when you have a long checklist to run through….it makes the to-do list way more palatable.  So, after dropping kids at school in the AM, I ran over to Sam’s house for “office hours” all week.  The days were spent oscillating from what we call “computer numb brain” to dirty painting and concrete projects.  However, it was great getting things accomplished and feeling spoiled at the same time.  The best part was our mid-day noshing.  Our daily snacking changed so much from day-to-day, but I really wanted to share my favorite: mussels.  I had thrown this dish together the night before for my fam, and they raved as they devoured it.  So, of course, I had to share it with Sam, the interns, and now you:)

Easy and quick, I’m betting this recipe will soon be a favorite….especially if you have to make something in a pinch and want to look like a kitchen rock star!

20140407_115843The list of ingredients is small, simple, and flavor packed.  Start with 5 to 6 cloves of garlic (minced), two tomatoes (chopped small), and 4 scallions (minced).  In a medium sized pot, add 2 tablespoons of butter.

20140407_115952Then add in the garlic, sauteing til tender.  Next, add the tomatoes and cook for 1 minute.

20140407_120045I looove the color that starts to happen as the tomatoes bleed out a bit.  You know the flavor is going to be awesome!  Now, add in your mussels.  You could add in fresh mussels that you have cleaned and debearded, but I chose the even simpler route of using frozen mussels that had already been cleaned and essentially cooked.

20140407_120324Start to simmer the pot and add a half cup of white wine.

20140407_120255Once your mussels have cooked (we are talking minutes here: fresh mussels will have opened up and frozen mussels will have thawed, LOL), go ahead and add the scallions.

20140407_120519Give it a stir and serve!  That is literally it….seriously easy!  We decided to eat the pot with some crusty bread, cold beers, and a piping hot artichoke with our citrus aioli.


20140407_12194620140407_12195720140407_122004Yup, Sam’s a nerd!;)20140407_122757I warn you, you may want to drink the broth.  Don’t be embarrassed…GO FOR IT!

Bon apetit!




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Find & Fix it Friday: Wedding Signs

Today’s find & fix it is one that was not only a fun act of zen kinda project, but one that turned out soooo darn cute! Remember that garage sale adventure we shared about yesterday? Well we put those old boards we found to great use by making sandwich board style signs for brides and grooms to rent for their wedding!


First we started by going to good old pinterest for some inspiration on font and text. Check out some of the brainstorm here.

IMG_0007After choosing our favorites, miss muralist Chanda busted out all the penciling. Definitely a more painstaking task, but she worked it and they all looked SOOO great!

IMG_0016IMG_0008Now it was time to grab our paint brushes and get into the zen of painting in the lines! Thankfully we had good tunes, great company and beyond gorgeous weather out!


IMG_004520140411_104420meet Lauren, one of our other AMAZING interns, you will get to know her more soon:)

after paining we attached some hooks into our signs to make smaller hanging arrow signs so we can flip them over for each bride and their needs-genius!

20140411_104326Next we took regular old fence boards and cut them in half and stained them with our classic white vinegar and steel wool technique (soak steel wool in distilled white vinegar for10 mins and then use wool like a paint brush on wood, let sit for 15mins and do more coats if you want it to grey out more).

IMG_0034Attach fence boards to the sign with hinge (we bought ours from Restore for $1.00 each!)


Now to make sure the signs don’t fall we stabilized them with some chain, we recommend using some eye hooks and hanging the chain on both sides of board…

20140411_145805Screw in hook on both sides of boards….20140411_145918See ? nifty eh! you ready to see how they all turned out??

IMG_0046IMG_0043IMG_0042IMG_0039IMG_0040IMG_0041I am not really sure if I can pick a favorite, can you??? We can’t wait to take some glam shots and have these babies up for rent! stay tuned!







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Thrift Thursday: Morro Bay City Wide Yard Sale

Ok, here’s the scoop.  Sam and I began our business by being thrifty little junkers.  Literally dumpster diving!  No joke, Sam and I totally dove for things like old, discarded bicycle wheels because we knew that the solid material and divine geometrical patterns could be repurposed into something great!  And lo and behold……

IJ0A0551-Edit(pp_w645_h967)They turned into beautiful chandeliers for our SLO inspired wedding shoot!

Well, believe it or not…..ever since we began our business, Sam and I have failed to make it to the ultimate junker’s event on the Central Coast: the Morro Bay City Wide Yard Sale.  We have literally been booked with an event every time this glorious weekend would come around (and mind you, it is only one time a year).  Well, guess what??  We actually found ourselves free for that coveted Saturday!  We had events the week prior, but we started jumping up and down like grade schoolers when we realized our happy coincidence!

And, oh boy, did it NOT disappoint!  I have never seen anything like it!  People coming from as far away as Fresno to shop what felt like hundreds of garage sales that ranged from full blown antiques to hobbiests selling their nursery plants.

IMG_9938Yup, this yard sale requires a full blown layout in the local paper, treasure map and all!

IMG_9939Sam and I met our intern, Brittany, at Top Dog for a quick cup of early AM joe and a plan of attack!


Early morning for sure, but the loot we discovered (and the laughs) were well worth it!  Sam scored some camping gear for Billy……..

IMG_0020We splurged (aka $2) on some jewlery…….


We loved all the crazy displays, like using a telephone pole to sell an animal print jacket lol……..

IMG_9943Just check out the crowds!


IMG_9940And then there was the crazy time that Sam went rogue when she saw something dumped in the bushes…..

IMG_9941IMG_9942Broken chair leg for sure, but it was funny watching people’s reactions (she practically garnered a cheering squad…..gotta love fellow junkers!)

However, our best find was a house that was due for complete demolition in 2 days time.  Built over 50 years ago by the previous owners own two hands, we felt like we were entering a castle or a pirates den.  So many amazing things to see!  He had built a three story home with a fireplace you could practically walk in and sculpted gorgeous retaining walls from broken street concrete.  A fabulous repurposer circa 50 years ago!!  I loved it!

IMG_9963IMG_9962IMG_9944IMG_9946IMG_9950IMG_9949IMG_9947IMG_9948IMG_9952IMG_9953IMG_9954IMG_9951IMG_9964Of course, we couldn’t walk away empty handed.  The previous owner had so many saved and tossed aside objects that we were eager to give new life to!  So, our pile started to pile up so much that it required a wheelbarrow to get it back to the truck!



Sam has already been turning some of our finds into planters for here patio.


I’m sure that you will be seeing more of our finds as we start the process of transformation….check back in and we will link them;)

Happy thrifting and junking, peeps!


Chanda & Sam

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